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The Right Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service Provider for Your Needs

Do you need to visit a self-service laundromat in Philadelphia, PA? Maybe you are looking for a dry cleaning service provider? In either case, E Laundromat is the right choice for you. We provide professional services for our clients and our equipment is always at their disposal. Visit us, and allow us to impress you!

Our Services

We provide laundry & dry cleaning for people who need to visit a reputable place in the area. Our services also include ironing and shirt pressing. Here, you will be able to take advantage of our high-quality machines and easy payment options. The last wash is at 10 pm.


What We Do

Once you visit us, our employees will great you and help you with the carrying of your laundry. We will then offer you our assistance for anything else and answer questions you may have. You can also always move on to using our equipment. With our dry cleaning, ironing and laundry service, you will enjoy excellent results that will exceed your expectations. We are air conditioned and play music, TV, and other media for your entertainment while you wait. Do not hesitate, and pay us a visit!

Why Turn to Us

Renowned for our high-quality equipment and welcoming environment, we strive to earn your loyalty by delivering a laundry service that will meet your demands. Committed to the needs of our clients, we work at reasonable rates and during your visit, and you can count on us to make you feel welcomed.

Based in Philadelphia, PA, E Laundromat is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a dry cleaning place. Call us today to find out more about our terms and service!

Client’s Testimonial
by Teresa Griffin on E Laundromat
Excellent Services

I always come here to do my laundry. The service is exceptional, I have never had to wait for a machine! I recommend this place to anyone who needs to do laundry and doesn't have a washing machine at home.

E Laundromat
Address: 6500 Elmwood Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19142
Phone: (856) 244-1423

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